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Make your life colorful (3 switch bands)

Make your life colorful (3 switch bands)

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Lifestyle Pride exchange band (size)
Lifestyle Rainbow exchange band (size)
Lifestyle Bunta exchange band (size)
The Zisano Powerband Lifestyle, made from high-quality sailing rope, impresses with its top quality and durability. Experience the variety of colors of the Lifestyle Edition for your very own personal style. The unique clasp means that the interchangeable bands of the Elegance and Lifestyle Edition available can be used as desired.
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What size do I need?

To determine the correct length for your ZISANOPOWER bracelet, please proceed as follows:

  1. Step: Wrap a string around your wrist so that it feels good and mark the end of the string.
  2. Step : Then place the string on a ruler to determine the length of your wrist.
  3. Step : Add 1cm to the measured value if you want your ZISANOPOWER bracelet to fit snugly or add 1.5cm if your
    ZISANOPOWER bracelet should fit loosely.
  4. Step : Look at the table below, select your order size under “Size” and put it in your shopping cart.

If none of the sizes listed apply to you, we can make your desired size. Please send an email to – Subject: special size.

Size | Total length of power band | Wrist circumference (incl. +1 to 1.5 cm)

XXS | 17.00cm | 15.00cm – 16.00cm

XS | 18.00cm | 16.00cm – 17.00cm

S | 19.00cm | 17.00cm – 18.00cm

M | 20.00cm | 18.00cm – 19.00cm

L | 21.00cm | 19.00cm – 20.00cm

XL- XL | 22.5cm | 20.50cm – 21.50cm